Cast iron router table top

  1. a sag-free, dead flat surface, and smooth-cutting.
  2. Strong, durable, and reduce vibration for smooth routing results.
  3. The large work area gives you plenty of space to tackle your toughest routine jobs.

About Cast iron router table top

Item No.1091
Table top size800*600*22+/-1mm(on thickness)
Fit for opening size11.75X9.25X2/5inch
Packaging size880*660*40mm
Table top flatness0.5mm
Table top surface grinder surface

What are router table tops?

A router table top is a flat surface that is designed to hold a router securely in place, allowing for precise and controlled routing operations. It may be made of various materials such as plastic, MDF, phenolic, or aluminum. The table top is often equipped with a fence, a miter gauge, and other accessories that help guide the workpiece through the router bit. Router table tops can be purchased as standalone units or as part of a larger router table system.



Router table tops are commonly used in woodworking for various applications including:

  1. Routing edges and profiles on wood boards and panels
  2. Creating dovetail joints and mortise and tenon joints
  3. Making raised panel doors and frames
  4. Cutting slots and grooves for splines or biscuits
  5. Shaping and trimming small pieces of wood
  6. Making decorative inlays and patterns on wood surfaces
  7. Routing grooves for hinges and drawer slides
  8. Creating custom moldings and trim pieces
  9. Routing channels for wiring and cables in furniture
  10. Making jigs and fixtures for repeatable cuts and shapes.

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