Router Motor

4.2inch Router Motor

  1. ER20 collets, a carefully machined internal taper on the shaft, and a precision collet nut deliver significantly less run-out.
  2. infinite speed control from a low of 10,000 rpm to 22,000 rpm.
  3. soft-start feature ramps the speed up smoothly, saving wear and tear on both the router and the lift (or gantry).
  4. Once it’s at speed, minimal vibration and 75% quieter operation.

About Router Motor

Technical information
1. Rated:  120V 60Hz 15A/ 230V 50Hz 1800W;
2. Out Diameter:  4.2inch (106.7mm)
3. Speed: 10,000-22,000 RMP variable Speed.
4. PCB Function:  control for Soft Starting, Overload protection, and Stable power output.
5. Power Cord: 1m. for CE is 2X1.5mm^2. For UL is  2X14AWG
6. Including: Wrench 2pcs. Chuck: 6.35mm and 12.7mm
7. Certificates: CE and ETL

What is a router motor?

A router motor is an electric motor that powers a woodworking router. The motor is typically mounted in a base and spins a cutting tool at high speeds to shape and trim wood. Router motors can be either fixed or plunge, and can vary in horsepower and speed settings depending on the type of woodworking project.


How does the router motor work?

A router motor is an electric motor that powers the cutting bit of a router. When electricity is supplied to the motor, it rotates a shaft that extends from the motor body. The shaft is attached to a collet, which holds the cutting bit in place. As the motor rotates the shaft, the cutting bit spins at high speed, allowing it to cut and shape wood, plastic, and other materials. Depending on the model, the router motor may have adjustable speed settings, allowing the user to control the speed of the cutting bit for different types of cuts or materials.


Router motor: Applications

Router motors are used in a variety of applications in woodworking, metalworking, and other industries. Some of the most common applications include routing, engraving, drilling, mortising, edge profiling, dado cutting, template routing. and Joinery.


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